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The Resistance

Dr. Stan Rodriguez, director of Kumeyaay Community College, speaks on his own behalf about his plans to resist the injustice that Native and border communities continue to face in San Diego. In this video, you'll hear about the dehumanizing narrative being used to describe these communities, as well as the importance of reframing that narrative in order for real change to happen.

Stan is passionate about preserving the cultural knowledge of his ancestors and elders. He especially takes pride in teaching language to students as an instructor at Kumeyaay Community College. In the audio clip below, he gives a special message in Kumeyaay to the young people of his community. 

Message to Young Natives (Kumeyaay)Stan Rodriguez
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The video above features the process of making traditional tule boats and shawii (acorn mush). Interested in cultivating a deeper understanding of Kumeyaay culture? Take a class at Kumeyaay Community College to learn more about why traditions like these matter.

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