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Most people suggest that interracial dating is great. I like to refer to it as the new “American dream.” However, interracial dating often springs from bias toward Black men and Black women. Black men are frequently congratulated for dating outside their race, while Black women are considered traitors.


Time after time, Black athletes in the public eye are seen dating or married to White women. Robert Griffin III, the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, is married to Grete Griffin, who is Estonian. The couple have three biracial children. James White, a running back for the New England Patriots, is married to Diana White, who is White; they have a child. Tiki Barber, a former NFL player, is married to Traci Johnson, a White woman; they have three children. The list continues. There is a clear pattern of Black male professional athletes and other Black men dating and marrying white women when they secure high-profile positions.

Darker women across the world have always been viewed as second best

The sad phenomenon is darker women across the world have always been viewed as second best compared to lighter-skinned women. Black women are perceived as the last option on the dating scale. In a study that the business journalism site Quartz conducted using data from the Facebook dating app, Black women received fewer Are You Interested (AYI) responses from White men compared to women who are White, Hispanic or Asian. Surprisingly, Black women responded more to Black men than any other race considering they were the least desired group from Black men.The study also indicated that Black men and Black women got the lowest response rates for their gender group. The contribution of colorism over time develops a competition between dark-skinned vs. light-skinned women in the Black community.

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