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Black women are perceived to have nappier hair, which causes unwanted attention. The media has portrayed Black women as having unruly hair, causing them to change their natural hair to something more Eurocentric. We've come to understand what's acceptable and not acceptable in the culture of Black hair.

Not Acceptable:



  • Asking to touch it


  • Asking if it’s all real hair


  • Replicating predominantly black hairstyles for your trendy needs


  • Acting like you've seen a ghost when we have a new hairstyle


  • No, we don't wash it daily


  • Think relaxers not perms, and wearing blond hair doesn’t mean I want to be White.




● Complimenting their hair

Television has gotten the memo of Black hair do’s and don'ts. In the documentary "Good Hair," Chris Rock discusses the lengths Black women go to look “presentable.” We are frequently asked about our hair even in the biracial community, not

as a compliment, but with curiosity to see if it's real. The question suggests that our hair is too beautiful to be fully Black.

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